Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Tired of living on the edge each month? Time to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

What will you do if your car breaks down, or worse yet, the engine blows?

Will you have the needed funds to pay for a trip to the doctor for that annoying sinus infection?

Don’t feel bad if the stressful scenarios above sound like your life. According to statistics you are among the majority of Americans.

According to a survey by Go-Banking Rates, 57% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings. Even worse:

  • Approximately 26% of American adults have no savings set aside for emergencies.
  • Also, 36% have no retirement savings according to an article by Credit Donkey.  
  • When Credit Donkey surveyed, only 17% of Americans have a 3-5 month emergency fund.

Together we can get this changed.

These statistics are staggering and should be a catalyst to motivate the needed changes in your spending and savings habits.

You most likely were never taught money management. So, living “Paycheck to Paycheck” may be the only thing you may know.

Time for a change to your money life?

Perhaps you were never taught to think ahead to the future in relationship to money.

We are more likely to think… instant gratification!!! There is another way other than living “Paycheck to Paycheck!”

While tucking away money for things such as insurance deductibles, needed home upgrades or replacement items, or retirement funds are not “Sexy”, they are much needed if you want financial security for the long run.

Let’s Start YOUR “Conscious Spending Plan”

In order to obtain Financial Freedom, you need to develop a “Conscious Spending” plan. This will cover not only your monthly necessities but all the fun extras we want in order to start enjoying our lives.

I can assure you the peace of mind this kind of planning provides is far beyond the thrill of the impulsive purchases you are making.

I know, you are just trying to find some kind of joy and happiness, but overspending or not knowing what you are spending takes all the joy out of it, come payday!

Once you get set up with a personally detailed spending and savings plan, crafted just for you, then your life will change forever. For the better!! No more living paycheck to paycheck.

Time to get off the “I’m BROKE” treadmill!

Discover how it feels to have peace of mind each month knowing, really knowing, you have all your bills covered.

Get off the “paycheck to paycheck treadmill and start living life!

Once we get you relaxing each payday then you can move onto having a “safety net” account and finally some relaxation, versus stress every payday!

We can also build a long-range plan setting you on the path towards financial freedom.

Join me and take the journey to calm and peaceful! Stop living “Paycheck to Paycheck”

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